Used Agitators

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Used Mining Equipment


The Used Agitators, Used Mixers and Used High Rate Thickeners listed here were new in 1995 and they were successfully operated until recently shut down. We are offering them removed, prepared for export shipment and loaded on ship. They are of modern design and in excellent condition. This equipment is located at our Indonesian site on North Sulawesi Island. An inspection can be arranged at your convince. Additional specifications and pictures are available as well as pricing for any piece of used equipment on this web site. Please contact us by e-mail at or by calling our toll free telephone number +1.800.752.4492, the general office telephone number is (419) 334-9741.

Used Agitators

30 kw Lightnin Used Agitators (AG1003) [SOLD]
Used Agitators

5.5 kw lightnin used agitators (ag1002) [SOLD]
Used Agitators

1.5 kw lightnin used agitators(AG1004) [SOLD]
Used Agitators

1.5 kw lightnin use agitators(ag1005) [SOLD]
Used Agitators

15 hp Denver #7 Agitators (AG1009)
Used Agitators


22 m Auto Dilution, used High Rate Thickener (AG2001) [SOLD]
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22 m Auto Dilution, Used High Rate Thickener (AG2001) [SOLD]

22 m Auto Dilution, High Rate Thickener (AG2001)

22 m Auto Dilution, High Rate Thickener with 2.4 m wall height and 95 deg floor slope.  The thickener is powered by a 7.7 kw drive motor producing a maximum rake speed of 0.3 rpm at a normal operating torque of 40 kN,m and an alarm torque of 90 kN,m.  The rake lift travel is 300 mm.  Unit was new in 1995 and is in excellent condition.

FOB: Loaded, Lanbak, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

For more information please call +1.419.334.9741.